Vegan and Water-less Nail Treatments

Natural nails are our specialty – our vegan and cruelty-free nail polishes are made for the most sensitive and stressed nail conditions.  They do not contain toxins like formaldehyde or toluene. This assures a better, longer-lasting, sparkling finish. 

Welcome to a new experience: safer, more pleasant, and longer results. Say goodbye to ancient pedicures with the dangers of contamination and infections. Embrace what many guests appreciate already – the smarter choice of a more pampering, moisturizing, and comfortable treatment: the water-less pedicure!



European Keratin Manicure   $35

Our signature manicure. We do not believe in acrylics – but your hands can look fabulous without them. We work with toluene and formaldehyde-free polishes to support your health. We shape your nails, clean up cuticles, pamper you with our Ahava hand cream and polish to perfection.   

Dazzle Dry vegan Gel Mani / Nail Rehab  $40

This vegan polish lasts from 10 days to 3 weeks depending on The nail. (after consistent use, lasts longer and longer). Completely chemical free and even consumable! Requires no aging led curing and has vitamins in the polish that promote growth and strength of the nail. Gets rid of ridges, weak ends, yellowing and more! Dries immediately!

Manicure Pour Monsieur   $25

Let our favorite gentleman receive the famous classic manicure and your nails buffed to perfection. No polish included.

Waterless Pedicures

European Deluxe Pedicure   $60

A client’s favorite. Besides a deep exfoliation with mineral salts, you get the enjoyment of a nourishing original Dead Sea Mud Mask and relaxing massage with our customer's favorite organic goat's milk lotion. Polished to perfection. Simply one of the best treats in town! *waterless pedicure with tea tree basked hot towels

German Power Pedicure   $65

If you enjoy open shoes or love to walk barefoot, your calluses need to be under control. We can do this! Powerful exfoliation with our natural callus remover peel takes the dead skin and callus away! Can be alternated between regular pedicure to give the foot an extra boost. Great for gentlemen and athletes!

Isabelle's Favorite Pedicure   $70

“I am a Foot Person – I love to feel comfortable on my feet. It rejuvenates my whole body. Your feet are wrapped in warm moist towels to prepare – Dead Sea salts gently exfoliate dead skin. Powerful nutrients in the Dead Sea mud will feed your skin. A nice massage will make you smile. Your moisture will be preserved with a warm paraffin mask. Polish to perfection. Ahhhhh! That’s me!” -Isabelle *waterless pedicure