Consultation, free

Lips, $495 (full)

Lip Liner, $395

Eyeliner, $445 (top and bottom)

Freckles, $200

Microblading, $400

3D scalp micro pigmentation , consult

Imagine never having smeared or disappearing make up again. We can do it for you with permanent cosmetics. More and more women are discovering the benefits of this exciting procedure. Women with poor eyesight or unsteady hands find this worry-free make up very beneficial. You can exercise, travel, swim and look always your best under most active conditions. Wake up in the morning looking as fresh and lovely as you did the evening before.

Isabelle is specialized in three-dimensional Microblading and is able to create feather-like strokes that give the appearance of natural hair. It’s a wonderful way to fill in gaps and scars, and is great for both men and women.


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